When Life Gets In The Way

The new Ted Shed

Life does get in the way. Not in a bad way, but in a distracting way. In a way that has you doing other things, other than what you would rather or should be doing. Some of those things are good and others should not be viewed as anything other than what they are.

When I started this blog many years ago, it was with the intent to document my rides, whether on a bicycle or motorcycle, and report what I saw, what I felt and the ride in general. Then it evolved into a “whatever was on my mind thing” but mostly revolved around two wheels…. sort of. The original intent was to write each time I went out on the wheels. Which, could have been 4 or 5 times per week if both bicycle and motorcycle were involved. Then the reality of it hit me in the face and I realized that it would be impossible to do all that writing, maintain a podcast, two websites, a full time job and remain married.

The end result would be to NOT write every time I went out on the bike(s) but at least once a month. Yeah, right. What ended up happening is what you have before you. An inconsistent blog that meanders all over the place and doesn’t stick to schedule. And why?

Because I still have other crap to do and the list has gotten longer.

New Kitchen done!

The fact of the matter is, instead of scaling down, I scaled up. I got shit to do. I moved to a new house, in a new state and this new house needed some revisions. Hence, more shit to do. Plus I added a YouTube channel to the mix. Am I stupid or what?

The residents at Robbies in Islamorada

Then of course there are vacations, holidays and that other evil thing…..WORK. But not for long, retirement looms large in my eyes and the prospect of doing more of the things I love are becoming more and more evident. So is the prospect of me getting a longer “Honey-Do” list. Which has grown by leaps and bounds over the last couple of months. However I have been promised that once the list is complete, which I have already started on, I will be free to pursue my passions with fervor and gusto. Fervor yes, gusto…. well. That depends upon how much sleep I get.

But yes, a vacation did happen before the yuletide season and as expected, by me at least, it included a lengthy ride to the Florida Keys. One that I have yet to document.

As we so often do, the bride and I venture to the Florida Keys each year and the debate always comes up if I’m going to ride there. I was hemming and hawing about it and finally, after a conversation with some friends, decided that I needed to make this trip to redeem myself for a shitty year of riding mileage on the Heritage. I’ll not get into the details of the trip just yet, as I’m hoping to save that for another blog that will outline the trip in great detail. Hey I can dream can’t I?

But just to wet your whistle a little, here are some pics from that trip.

I will make the vague attempt to improve my frequency of my rides, whatever they may be. It may take a few months to be more……consistent, but I’ll get there. But first.

Back to that “Honey-Do” list.


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