Things Have/Are Change-d-ing

New Name, new logo

For a few years now I have been producing videos on YouTube for my Podcast “The Motorcycle Men” and in these videos they would either be a “Ted Shed” video or a “Ride With Ted” video. Very rarely was anything related to the podcast. Though the podcast was mentioned in these videos, very little, if anything at all, was in relation so the podcast. I then pondered the purpose and reasoning behind that and realized it was time for a change.

The podcast, while now in it’s sixth year, has a cult following. A band of highly dedicated fans who eagerly await each and every episode and then there are those who could care less if the podcast ever produces another show ever. There is even a smaller group who gainfully wishes it would cease to exist completely and it is in spite of these people that I will continue to produce episodes. The true fans of the show want their Motorcycle Men, and they will get them.

That being said, the relationship of the podcast and the YouTube channel has not been a good one. That is to say, the podcast is doing nothing for the channel. If anything, I think the podcast is actually doing harm to the channel. So it was time to cut ties if the channel is to grow. IF it is going to grow. So, in that light, I changed the name of the channel to what most of my videos featured; A Ride with Ted. I pondered changing the name to Days I Ride, but no one knew that, everyone knew Ride with Ted. So, that’s what the channel became. But I had no website for Ride With Ted. Sure I’d continue to promote the channel on the podcast, but that was it. There wasn’t a Facebook page or Instagram page. Further more, there won’t be.

I barely have enough time to manage the podcast, this blog, the podcast facebook page, my own facebook page and Instagram page and podcast Instagram page and no desire to add another. In fact, I’m likely going to be deleting the podcast Instagram page because I rarely update it or have anything to post to it. I’ve stretched myself too thin. Time to cut the crap.

Take a ride with me

This blog has been fun for me. It gives me an outlet to just noodle around on the keyboard and come up with kooky crap and wordy dissertations for your eyes and brains to consume. But I needed a place to land the YouTube Channel and this is the ideal place to do that. So, the blog’s name is changed to “Ride With Ted” and that encompasses everything I have done before and now more, a direct link to the YouTube channel and also a place to put all that YouTube stuff.

For the time being, the website will still read as, but when it is time to renew the domain, it will change to Ridewithted.something.

So help me grow the channel and help me grow this blog. Together we can do stupid things together on the bicycle and on the motorcycle. It’s going to be a fun ride.

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