New Year, New Ideas

Winter Riding continues

I wrote an article for American Iron Magazine in 2020 and submitted a second for publication with others to follow. The magazine closed its doors after the first article.

From August through December I had a column in Fast Lane Biker (DelMarVa) and another column ready to be posted. Earlier this month the magazine announced they would stop and be reorganizing their publication siting a shortage of personnel and the need for a change. Oddly enough, the article I wrote for the November issue was incorrectly re-run in December. The article I wrote for December never saw the light of day.

I have been inconsistent with the blog for many reasons. Most of which is the result of balancing too many plates. Podcast, YouTube Channel, Instagram Pages, Facebook Pages, two blogs including this one, Freelance drawing, music recording and an in progress book. In looking at all of this I have decided to make a change.

Time to put down some of these plates.

The Motorcycle Men podcast will continue as will my YouTube Channel. One Instagram Page is going away and I’m reducing the frequency of the Blogs. I will continue to do freelance drawing but only upon request, I will no long “seek” work even though it brings money. Though the money does come, it comes very slowly. Too slow in fact. I don’t like working for free. I will continue to write the book and in fact it is going to take up much of my down time.

I will be reducing this blog to a monthly feature as I have done with my other blog “The Blue Mouse Ranch”. The Motorcycle Men Facebook page has been reduced to a notification center for podcast posting. The Instagram pages are mostly just me looking at stuff and of no use to me really, so in that light…. gone.

Hopefully these changes will improve the quality of my posts and the rest of my work.

Ride Safely kids.

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