When Colors Lie

The Ted Shed nearing completion

I know I’m aging, that’s what they tell me anyway, but I know my eyes aren’t that bad. My wife, however, would contend that they apparently are. Like a good wine, I’m told I’m not getting older, I’m getting better. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Our house is sort of a tannish-yellow. It’s not tan, it’s not yellow, so it’s somewhere in between. So I head off to Home Depot and while gazing at the thousands of paint chips in the paint department (because they wouldn’t have them in the lighting department), I discover, lo’ and behold, the aforementioned tannish-yellow color of my house and the blue-ish color of our shutters.  Immediately I scurried on home and stuck them to the side of the house and…. ta-DA!!!  A perfect match. I’m so brilliant sometimes.

The little woman and I then make the trip back to the Depot of Home stuff and purchase said paint. Two gallons of tannish-yellow and two quarts of blue-ish paint and 6 hours later, shed in question is painted.

Here is where the problem comes in. It doesn’t look tannish-yellow, it looks grey/gray.

The blue matches perfectly and we love that but the other color….mmmm… not so much. Wifey points out that I am color blind and should not have been allowed to pick the paint. I point out that she approved chosen paint chip as the color of choice. I take the stand that the Home Depot slacker of the month mixed up our order and we got someone else’s paint. When wifey picked up the paint, slacker did mention to her “the color is Stratosphere”… Though all knew fully well it should have been tannish-yellow.

We were duped and I get accused of being a color blind neanderthal. PPhhhttt!!!

I object!!!!

I suspect a repainting may occur in the weeks to come. FYI, the window trim and edging still has to go up.

Colorblind my ass.

2 thoughts on “When Colors Lie

  1. Oh, Ted. You really should know better than to not just let her pick the colors in the first place. Would’ve saved a lot of trouble and a lot of discussion.

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