Dark Approaches

A little lower than I thought it was

As a cyclist, my continued struggle is the balance between work and my hobby. It is also the battle between day and night. When I have to commute to and from my job an hour away, it takes away from the available time to ride my bicycle. But when I work from home, that issue goes away, mostly anyway. It’s only when the months from September through April does “time” become a problem.

In most of May, all of June, July and August, taking a lengthy bike ride after work. During those other months, specifically May and September, the balance between time and daylight is not in favor of post-work cycling. Normally, if I get out between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m., I can get in a good 20 to 30 miles and still finish in the daylight. In September, it becomes a game to see how late I can get out for a ride and NOT return in the dark. Yesterday’s ride, was the closest to dark I’ve ever come. I have these little lights on my bike, one in front that’s white and a red one for the rear. Both can be set to full on, a steady blink or quick flashing. I have both set on the quick flash as it draws more attention to those in cars. Normally, the only way I can tell if they are working properly when I’m riding is to put my hand in front of it so I can see if it’s doing its job. This particular ride was the first time I’ve ever seen the lights illuminating the road in front of me. A clear indication that I may have begun my ride later than I should have.

A street light illuminates the road as the Moon watches me race home

At this point, I’ve taken off my riding glasses so I can safely see where I’m going. It is at this point that I’ve come to realize our days are getting shorter and Autumn approaches.


For the motorcycle riders, such as myself, out there, that doesn’t mean much. It just means we’ll be riding more in the dark at the end of the day. For us cyclists who work a full time job, it means our cycling is another day/hour closer to moving indoors.

Big sigh…….

Although I like the Autumn months, I’m not looking forward to these shorter days. For, as a cyclist, it removes my chances of riding after work outdoors. It pushes us inside or limits us to weekend riding.

For us motorcyclists, it just adds the element of darkness to our rides that most of us prefer not to have. Visibility is a key factor when riding and darkness, as it is, works against us in that department.

Be it on my bicycle or on my motorcycle, personally, I’d rather not ride in the dark if I can avoid it. IF, I can avoid it.

Where’s that glowing suit when you need it?

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