Enough already

When did the weather change? The question is somewhat rhetorical, in that I’m not looking for a specific date, but more of verification of my internal monologue that says that I don’t recall it ever being this rainy all the time in the Northeast USA.

I read somewhere that the last 12 months has been recorded as “Historical Rainfall” for the region. That is to say the most rainfall in recorded history for a 12 month period. I’m not impressed and this is where I say “Okay, fine. You’ve made your point. Now stop!”

Now you folks in the Pacific Northwest are giving us a mocking “poor babies” look. You know rain. You understand it. It was raining when you were born and it’ll be raining when you die. You know this and have grown accustom to it, Rainwater is in your blood.

I spent two years in Iceland from July 1979 to July 1981. We had two seasons: Daylight and Dark. Because of its geographical location on the island, the pummeling of Keflavik would include a tireless rain and wind in the daylight months and everything else in the dark months. I arrived in Keflavik on a Rainy/windy July 4th and departed on a rainy/windy July 1st. So the generally miserable weather was a norm, expected and truth of living on a peninsula that stuck into the unforgiving North Atlantic. Go 100 miles north and inland and the weather was completely different.

But, I’m not in Iceland, nor am I in the Pacific Northwest. I am in the Northeast, or Mid-Atlantic states for you divisionally obsessed minded folks (another topic for another blog). Looking at a map of the USA, one can easily pick out what could be classified as the “armpit” of America. In a recent conversation with my brother Tim, he outlined in great detail the complete guide to understanding American Armpitology. And based on his precise description, we are smack in the middle of the sweaty, dank and smelly part.

Despite this truth, knowledge and begrudging acceptance, we have never experienced this kind of weather as we have in the last 5 to 10 years. Certainly not in the last 3 years.

When I was a kid, “April showers bring May flowers” was the way it really was. It was Spring and we expected rain. However, in the past 20 years, I have noticed that March through June are the months that now claim to be the bringers of flowers.

Now I know the rants of “Climate Change” are right now bursting from the mouths of every environmentalist on the planet. Every scientist says it’s the cyclical behavior of our planet and it’s been doing it for millions of years. The beloved Farmers Almanac is creepily accurate and is entirely based on centuries old method of farmers weather record keeping to help them with their crops. Then of course there are the believers of the deity “Mother Nature” and apparently she has been pissed for a great many years.

Whatever the case. Enough already.

As a cyclist, a motorcycle guy and someone who overwhelmingly prefers the outdoors, this mid evil gloom that continually embraces this armpit, has me seriously contemplating my ongoing residency in New Jersey.

Yes I know it rains everywhere. But when it rains here it almost seems intentional and calculated. Seriously, think about it. How can it possibly and naturally be beautiful out Monday through Friday and then only rain on the weekends?? And this will happen for weeks in a row. How does weather even know it’s the weekend? How does the weather know it’s a three day weekend? How can it only rain after working hours and only up to when it gets dark?

Conspiracy theorists worldwide might say that the government is controlling the weather for political gain or something. Crazy I know but when the weather does what it does, one might take stock and consider the possibility.

Whoever you are, it’s not funny. So knock it off.

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