The Light of Day

Finally outside

According to Rever, the last time I rode the Heritage was on September 27, 2018. That was a short jaunt to go to the bank and get lottery tickets. That was also when I discovered that I had a nail in my front tire and the noise coming from the engine had gotten worse. That would be the last time I would ride the Heritage…. Until yesterday.

For six months, “Sugar” had not touched a road, had not ran and had only moved when I was building the “Ted Shed” and then put her in there. Six Months! I honestly had not realized it was that long. But yesterday when I lowered the lift and rolled her out of the Ted Shed and onto the driveway for the first time in months, I knew the long wait was over.

The moment she came to rest where she is in the above photo, I turned on the ignition and pressed the button. No hesitation, no cough, no doubt. She roared to life and rumbled right there where she stood. Proud, pretty and Ready.

“Dinner will be ready when you get back.” My wife said. I chuckled.
“You know me well.” I said with a smile.

Getting on my riding gear seemed to take forever. My Tobacco Motorwear Kevlar Riding Jeans, my Harley Davidson Leather Jacket, my HJC Helmet, UClear AMP+, FirstGear TPG riding gloves, boots. But in reality, it took maybe 15 minutes. But you know, after six months, 15 minutes was a piece of cookie.

I had about a cup of fuel in the tank so I knew I had no time to dilly-dally and thankfully I made it there without a cough. Thanks to rising fuel prices, for the first time in the ownership of this bike it cost me $15 to fill it. $15 for five gallons. Robbery. It’s been six months… who cares.

It was a short ride. I only did 12 miles. But it was enough. It felt good, rode well, sounded fantastic, ran like a clock. Flawless. Although I still need to get a new back tire (soon), everything about that ride was nearly perfect. Except for the inability to link my UClear system with my new iPhone 8 Plus and the traffic I encountered, it was a great ride.

Six months. Done.

….On the road again….

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