Let The Games Begin

The last of it….. I think.

So now, I have no excuse. Get to work, fix the bike. Quit stalling. SLACKER!!

Well, not really. I think. Look, I’ve never done anything like this in my entire life. Ever. I am about to do something that is, to me, very frightening. So yes, I’m fraidy scared.

Let’s look at this from a medical perspective. In a sense, I am about to perform open heart surgery, with no experience. Oh sure, I’ve changed all the fluids several times, adjusted the belt, changed exhaust, replaced a gasket here and there. But now where talking about working on the one part of the bike that make it a bike, the thing that make it go. YIKES!!

YouTube is great for instilling confidence in people to do a project by observing others who have done it before. Watch it enough and you will raise that familiarity in your minds eye when you find yourself in front of the subject of your anxiety. I see those cam chain tensioners in my sleep.

I’ve watched so many videos and read the manual so many times I feel like I should open my own shop that specializes in nothing but doing this one job. The downside to that is….. I haven’t actually done it yet.

The ball starts rolling tomorrow. Fingers and other appendages are crossed.

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