A Place for everything….

a place
Top Left to Right: Half Helmet, Very old 3/4 Helmet, Full Face HTC Helmet, 14 yr old HD 3/4 Helmet; Bottom Left to Right: HD Heated gloves, HD Gauntlet Gloves, FirstGear TPC Gloves, HD Summer leather gloves, Steampunk riding glasses, empty space, 5 pairs of motorcycle glasses (dark to clear), 2 leather waist bags.

I am a firm believer in “A place for everything and everything in it’s place”. All of my stuff always goes into the same place every time…. I know where all my stuff is. This obsessive compulsive tedious mentalness has followed me all of my life and now that I am a motorcycle rider…. it’s even worse. Although the desk that I sit at right now typing this is a freaking disaster, everything is where it should be….. there just too much… everything on it. That being said…..

Why do I have so many glasses? Why so many gloves? Why so many 3/4 helmets when I don’t even wear them anymore? Why two “fanny” packs? There is only one answer. They each serve a different purpose, each has something about them that satisfies a specific need for the situation.

The only thing you won’t find around here is a second motorcycle. Which I desparately wish I had right now while the Heritage is ill. As with all of the above, another motorcycle would serve a different purpose and if I know me… it would likely have some miles on it now that would likely include those gathered from gravel and dirt roads.  Do you have more than one of any motorcycle stuff?

In closing……

The missing pair of glasses is currently on my head.
The one mis-aligned slat on the blinds was intentional.

….and yes… two fanny packs. Don’t judge me!!!

3 thoughts on “A Place for everything….

    1. I actually have more for non-motorcycle vacations. But I think fanny packs are kind of passe’ now aren’t they? I don’t care though, they are useful. Become one with the fanny pack.


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