Empty Roads

Empty roads
The Jersey Shore post Labor Day every year

One of the things I love about the end of summer is the end of the local traffic. Here on the Jersey shore we get inundated with tourists, or “Bennies” (those that come to reap the Benefits of our ocean communities) and the local traffic is insane. A simple jaunt to the grocery store that is a mere 2 miles away can easily be a 30 minute, painful, round trip. I won’t even mention how long it takes IN the store during those summer months.

But things change at the Jersey Shore between Labor Day and Memorial Day of the following year. Traffic and crowds are at a minimum, the local Polar Bear Motorcycle group starts ramping up their early morning Sunday rides. The local HOG chapter ramps up their fall season benefit rides, more leafer group rides start up and fewer bikes appear on the roads. Which I can’t understand sometimes.

Now although my bike is going to be up on the lift for the foreseeable future, it doesn’t mean I don’t and won’t enjoy this time of year. My local HD dealer will have plenty of events and such to keep me pacified. For now. I’ll be able to take some test rides to get my two wheel fix and I can still sit on my Heritage and feel it beneath me, even if not running.

Autumn is my favorite time of year and ordinarily I’d be getting together a large group ride to close out the season or getting out the FirstGear Thermo Suit to extend that season. This year I had planned on riding up to my farm in upstate New York, that was to happen this weekend. I was also planning my Saddle Sore 1000 for later this month. Oh well, not this year.

Cooperstown, New York. Home of the baseball hall of fame is normally bustling with people in this small country town. But after labor day, it’s nearly like a ghost town.

It’s just a shame I’m going to miss out on all the great riding that this time of year holds in Upstate New York and especially here at the Jersey Shore…. where everyone has gone home (finally).

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