To Rally or Not to Rally

That is the question. With all of the available options, which one, or ones, do we do?

So now that the season is upon us, we torture ourselves with outlandish ideas. Then we plan, we dream, we wish, we desire and we act, or not, and ultimately, the words “I should’ve done that rally this year” are uttered sometime in mid-November.

For the last three years I’ve been threatening to do a Saddle Sore 1000 and for the last two, I’ve been contemplating the Void Rally. In 2015 and 2016 I went to the Americade Motorcycle Rally in Lake George, NY and had a wonderful trip both times, minus the rain of course. I have planned to return to Americade this year, solo and I’m looking forward to it. Mostly it’s to get some great riding in, see the expo and meet some great people and of course to network a little bit for the podcast and this blog.

Although technically not called a rally, the annual Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge enters it’s third year and all of us podcasting types compete in a motorcycle version of scrabble, but with town names, and bonus points. Each week letters are drawn and the participants have to find town names that start with those letters, travel to those towns and get a photo of the bike and you in front of the post office, police station or municipal building. Then the length of the town name is scored with the values as in Scrabble. Then each week, the admins throw us the opportunity to get bonus points. Last year it was to go to a State/National park and take a picture of the sign. If you got a picture with a Park ranger it got you more points. Mileage counts also, so planning your route really matters. Last year my team, The Motorcycle Men Podcast, finished second, the first year, dead last. It’s a great challenge and thanks to the MPC, I get to see some things I’ve never seen before.

The Saddle Sore 1000 isn’t really a rally either but it is the challenge. Hosted by the Iron Butt Association, the host of the very insane Iron Butt Rally (11,000 miles in 11 days), it is more of a ride of endurance and , a personal challenge. I want to take on the Saddle Sore  challenge and have pledged to do so repeatedly and each time, something gets in the way. At which point the aloof side of me takes control and then next thing I know, it’s October. I hang my head in shame.

This year I’ll be attending, as a spectator, the Myrtle Beach Bike Week Rally thing event stuff party gathering whatever. No bike on the trip but I’ll get to experience it at least and see a lot of motorcycles and motorcycle people… as well as things I wished I’d never seen. I’ve never cared for the “Party events”, I question if it’s more for the party or is it about the bikes or about meeting and riding with other bikers… I don’t know. Sturgis seems to fit the same bill to me, but the riding, as I’m told, is epic and that sounds very appealing.

The Void Rally, just sounds like a boat load of fun. I first heard of it from another motoblogger “Fuzzy Galore” and I’ve been wanting to do it ever since. With that rally, it’s more of coordination logistics time money thing for me, but the organizers make it a point to ensure that you have a great time doing it. It’s usually a themed ride, with the opportunity with some bonus points and visits to some obscure places. Since I am obscure, I like obscure. Obscure appeals to me. Will I do the Void? Uhhhh……..

Although I continue to plan my routes for the Saddle Sore 1000, I haven’t committed myself to a date or dates to do it. Since I’ve never ridden more than 350 miles in one day,  a thousand is quite the daunting task, but I’m willing to give it a try.

I’ve booked  my hotel for Americade, which most times is the most problematic part of the trip, aside from the rain. So I’m sort of committed for that rally.

I’ll be at Myrtle Beach Bike Week, not with a bike but I’ll be there to say I’ve been there and also to ultimately decide if it’s someplace I want to return to.

And finally I do have the Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge, I’m looking forward to that. So that’s four for 2018, maybe.

But I want more. I want a real mileage challenge, I want EPIC! But…..

As I often say, “Finances dictate actions”. That mantra is all too true most times when dreaming or planning to do an event like a rally or anything in daily life. Aside from your time, Rally’s at some point require some sort of financial commitment. So, as life often does, sometimes, it has other plans for our finances and that leaves me with MNYS.  Maybe Next Year Syndrome.

Please help those who suffer with MNYS, it could be someone you love and it could be you someday.

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