Mother nature is not a motorcyclist

Tucked away and warm, sheltered from the evils of mother nature

Mother Nature has never ridden a motorcycle, a mountain bike or a road bicycle. Mother Nature has not, does not, will not ever do the things we love to do outdoors. From a motorcyclists point of view, Mother Nature hates anything on two wheels.

It is inevitable that when planning that long motorcycle trip that at some point Ms. Nature will throw some rain at you to make things interesting. Or, when you are planning that 3 day weekend motorcycle camping trip you’ve always wanted to do, she’ll show up at your campsite with below normal temperatures and maybe some snow flurries or rain on your second night there. If she has a jump on you, she will meet at the campsite as you are setting up and bring some rain with her.

She has a unmistakable knack of going to every motorcycle rally in America and bringing a box of rain with her. Splattered with a sticker from every rally she’s ever been to, her box of rain comes out of her Airstream Camper almost immediate if not within the first couple of days. If she’s having a good time, she might put it away and spare us. But you can be sure that on the way to any rally, that box will be in the bed of her pickup wide open so that rain can be available for all of us as we travel to said rally.

Then comes the cooler weather. Regardless of how far south you live, she finds a way to coerce her friends Wind and Temperature to play games with her. She dislikes the Northeast and all the motorcycles that reside there and in that is the desire to make their owners miserable for as long as possible. So she carries a basket of snow with her everywhere she goes because she knows, snow is the motorcyclists nemesis.

Damn you Mother Nature, Damn you

Mother Nature knows we don’t mind when she dumps her basket of snow in December and January because she knows we like snow for our holidays in the North. She knows we think January is Winter and she knows that is so wrong. Winter is when she says it’s Winter, not when our calendars says it is. Our calendars may say it’s the first day of Spring, but Mother Nature laughs cynically and says “Ha! You think so? Let me show you and remind you how this weather thing works”.

And then, in her maniacal manner , just when we on the cusp of taking out our motorcycles, our two wheeled toys and go play and frolic about the black asphalt for hours on end in warmer temps, with ear to ear grins and happiness bubbling from ever pore in our skin. She stands in defiance and says “Stop! I don’t recall saying I was done with Winter yet! So now I give you…… a late March snowstorm!! You daft pin-heads!!!”.

I too stand in defiance and hold up a solitary middle finger.



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