Beauties Indeed

If someone says “Say, these 2018 Harley-Davidsons are beauties”, while I might agree, the statement lacks the same romance as it does when referring to the 1939 Harley’s. As impressive as the new HD’s are, as beautiful as they are, as Santa-please-put-one-under-my-tree as they are…. there’s something about one of these vintage bikes that just makes me smile.

Purely mechanical. Zero electronics to govern anything. Headlight, tail-light, engine, saddle, tank, tires, bars, fenders and GO. Extremely appealing, put your helmet on and go…. well… in this case, your motorcycle club cap and jockey boots.

The bike pictured in this ad is the 1939 Harley Davidson Model U. Boasting a 74 cubic inch engine that produced a whopping 33 HP and 4-speed transmission, drum brakes and springer front suspension. Fully restored U’s in excellent condition are selling in the $20K range.

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