Dry and cat free

In all the years I have owned a motorcycle, they have not seen the inside of a garage. They have always been outside and covered up through all sorts of weather.  Sad.  I know.  It made me sad and there were countless times that I damned the elements while I raced time to complete some maintenance task before the arrival of the impending weather doom that was quickly approaching.

Then there is the time I had to have my seat re-upholstered because one of my daughters cats had clawed its way under the bike cover and decided my seat needed kneading. From that point on my bike always had a blanket over the seat…. and a cat.
Then one day my wife suggested that I put the bike in the shed in the backyard. Although the thought spent nearly 5 seconds in my head, I finally pointed out all of the dastardly things that would have to happen in order for that to work which included removal of the 6′ tall gate, navigating up a step onto the deck, then down the deck and across the yard. If that wasn’t enough, I’d have to clear out the shed of all of the yard tools, beach and lawn chairs, lawnmower, power washer and clutter only to find out that the bike will not fit in a 7′ x 7′ shed.
“Build another shed” she says. Well, I did, but only big enough to house all of the yard tools. But the decision was made to build a 10′ x 10′ shed in the driveway. Let the madness begin.
The town I live in requires that one get a “Use variance” for a shed under 100 square feet and a drawing to show where it is going to go. Okay, fine. The seemingly helpful gentlemen at the zoning office then asked “Are you buying one or what’s it going to be made of?” He says. “Stick framed wood.” I replied. “Oh, then we’ll probably have to get an architect involved.” Was his comment. “It’s a shed for my motorcycle, I’m not sleeping in it.” I replied in great surprise. “Doesn’t matter, it’s a framed structure.” He finally said. The call ended with a “Nevermind” from me.
To be continued……


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