The Mythical Sun

I have a solar powered hula girl on my desk.  Because of where she is, like my bicycles and my Harley, she gets little sun. What she does get, as does my bicycles and my Harley, is ambient light
Now what this ambient light does is give her just enough power to allow her to let off with a little giggle every 5 seconds or so. What she is supposed to do is shake that thing like a hula girl should when she gets full sun.
Now my bikes, human and engine powered, will not wiggle at all. In fact, it pains me to say that I feel that they are mad at me when they do not see the sun or move.
There is only so much I can do in that respect.  The movement part I can do something about. The sun part…. well… that might require a physical relocation and that may happen at some point but at the moment, I am locked into a northeastern winter cold rainy snowy weather poo that engulfs the region.
Things are changing though! Soon there will be a new 10’x10′ shelter logic enclosure for the Harley which will allow it to breathe a little better and I’ll post pictures of the progress of that in another posting. She may not be as sad with more room to sit around while we all wait for dryer, sunnier days.

In the meantime, my Zwift cycling buddies and I get to see things like London, Richmond and a fictitious place called Watopia where there is an active volcano and snow capped mountains to climb…..and a blimp.

This time of year… I wish to be above the road.

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