A little background

A little background.
I’m now 59. A captive/resident of New Jersey. I’m an avid cyclist. I’m an avid motorcycle rider. I host the Motorcycle Men Podcast. And I am the lead singer in a John Mellencamp Tribute Band called “Human Wheels”.  All of these things I enjoy and I get to share these things with the people in my life.

Moab Mountain Biking
At the Americade Motorcycle Rally


The Blue Mouse Ranch (93 acres)


I also have a house full of animals (3 dogs, 4 cats), my wife and I own a small farm in upstate New York. So as you can see, I’m busy and I got stuff to do.
More importantly, I got stuff that I love to do. Ride my bicycle and ride my Harley.
On my bicycles, both mountain and road, I average around 2000 miles a year and if not for full time employment, there would be far more.  On the Harley, I average around 10,000 miles a year and again, if not for full time employment, there would be more.
Just a short side note.  Motorcyclists will tell you that in order to ride the good roads you have to ride through the crap to get to them. Cyclists will also tell you that all roads suck and there is always a head wind regardless of what direction you are headed. Remember this.
Cyclists generally tell you they do it for either their fitness, because it’s fun, it gets them out of the house and in the worse case they will tell you it’s their “religion”.  For me, it’s the adventure.  Even if I ride the same roads or trails, each time it’s a different adventure.
Motorcycle riders will tell you they do it for the cliche’ “freedom”, for the speed, it clears their heads, the comradery, the alone “Me” time or because it’s better than a cage. For me, it’s adventure.
In either case, whether on the mountain bike, road bike or Harley, it’s about the adventure and the joy of being on two wheels. Unencumbered by the restrictions of 4 wheels, the whole roof, glass and seat-belt thing. I’ve got two wheels and I can pretty much go anywhere and more so, I can and will witness far more than the rest of the “traveling” masses.
That is not to say that those traveling by car or bus or plane do not “see” things, they do. They just don’t take part in what they see. Seeing a cow as you go by at 50 mph with the windows up is not the same as seeing and smelling a cow as you go by at 18 mph on your bicycle or at 40 mph on your motorcycle and then stopping to take a picture of said cow. We do that. We do that because we are participating in our surroundings and not just passing through them.
Ride safe kids.

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